The Fifth Quarter Project provides career development skills to those interested in continuing their education and competing at the highest level in our extremely challenging, constantly changing world


Where dedicated, motivated (career) competitors come together on their drive to thrive

What began in 2013 as a grassroots movement, informally assisting former college athletes with their career planning and ascension, has now taken formal shape as The Fifth Quarter Project.

“A mountain of work went into Barry Kleiman’s The Fifth Quarter Project, which can serve as a major catalyst to assist former athletes in living a fulfilled life. Far too often after their playing careers end, they become a forgotten part of society and this is most difficult for them after all the fanfare they received as athletes. The Fifth Quarter Project can serve as a beacon light for them in their darkest hours.”
Dale Brown, Louisiana State University (LSU) Head Basketball Coach, 1972–1997

The Fifth Quarter Project’s continuing education “playbook” has been constructed by author, speaker, headhunter, career development expert Barry Kleiman

!!!!Those seeking classroom theory will be disappointed by this “playbook”!!!!

Rather than academic theory, Barry has drawn on his decades of experiences to design a 100% hands-on, action-oriented, two-fold curriculum.

  1. A systematic deep dive into Barry’s decades’ rich collection of intellectual capital
  2. An ever-growing list of contributors representing segments of Barry’s relational capital. (Experts and leaders from a broad spectrum of industries who have taken time to contribute their own points of view, vision, and paths to “real-world” prosperity in support of The Fifth Quarter Project’s educational offerings).

Access to The Fifth Quarter Project group programs are by application only!

Applications are reviewed in large part to identify kindred spirits…individuals driven and committed to succeed…willing to compete on their drive to thrive!

  • IQ (Intelligence quotient) is helpful though CRITICAL are both a high
  • EQ (Energy quotient) and
  • CQ (Commitment quotient)

We fully recognize the playing field can seem inequitable…

Our mission is to

  • Level the field by removing any economic or perceived GPA advantage…
  • Reward those whose pathways may be less traditional but whose energy and commitment to self becomes a strategic advantage far beyond what may now seem currently possible.
“To stay relevant, you must keep your career in permanent beta. That means committing to a lifetime of learning and professional growth, a lifetime of strategic adaptation”

Jay Samit – Author of Disrupt You!: Master Personal Transformation, Seize Opportunity and Thrive in the Era of Endless Innovation


(As it is in most competitive endeavors) there is an exceedingly small percentage of individuals genuinely willing to:

  • Seek a deeper understanding of the actual challenges facing each of us each day
  • Seek an evolutionary, non-cookie-cutter version of how these challenges are effectively met; how successful careers are REALLY constructed
  • Possess the motivation, resilience, and accountability needed for their own success

These are the individuals and groups we seek to identify and serve!

There are many ways to make a difference, there are many ways to discover and DO work that is heartfelt and significant…

We founded The Fifth Quarter Project to make a difference and believe it will provide TRUE COMPETITORS with tools and principles to do the same.



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(All applicants, regardless of acceptance will receive a copy of The Fifth Quarter Project’s  “playbook”)

*Access is available to 20 individuals quarterly; those interested should apply here

The Fifth Quarter Project Challenge