A collection of programs, people, and tools assembled to answer one of life’s most important questions…

“Who’s got next?”






What began in 2013 as an informal career planning, transformation and mentoring program for handfuls of former college athletes requesting assistance has since evolved into an education movement now called The Fifth Quarter Project.

“In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”
Eric Hofer


It’s clear that life goes on after traditional education ends…
It’s inarguable that when education stops so does growth...

What’s also been made abundantly clear along the way of The Fifth Quarter Project’s evolution are these three things:

  1. A large number of people are underprepared to keep successfully playing this new game.
  2. Success is a confusing concept meaning different things to different people.
  3. The playing field along the way to one’s success can often seem inequitable…

The programs we’ve designed, along with the collaborators we’ve recruited have a single purpose…

To assist those motivated to "GET NEXT" ...to go GET NEXT!!

Regardless of your current financial resources or your previous GPA…

If you remain motivated to compete…

If you remain committed to your own transformation from "where you are to where you want to be"

The Fifth Quarter Project will provide assistance and guidance to discover and ascend the steps needed to get there!





The Fifth Quarter Project

Level the field by removing any economic or perceived GPA advantage while at the same time…

Rewarding those whose energy and commitment to “self” access to

  • A collection of tools validated time and time again to provide success skills for ANY WILLING COMPETITOR
  • Access to a large and constantly growing group of success achievers from man walks of life willing and eager to share their stories
  • Mentorship far beyond what may now seem currently possible.


The Fifth Quarter Project’s 2020 Summer Challenge
There is no charge ever to apply to The Fifth Quarter Project Challenge or… To participate in any of its programs, content or assistance


The Fifth Quarter Project?

The Fifth Quarter Project by name alone highlights the fact that life goes on and so must learning after traditional education’s doors close, (if one truly wants sustained success in any field).

The Fifth Quarter Project’s continuing education “playbook” has been constructed with that knowledge etched deeply in the heart and mind of author, speaker, headhunter, career development expert Barry Kleiman (with an assist from Coach Dale Brown but more on that in a bit)

The PLAYBOOK (programs, assistance and content collaborators) is a by-product of the experiences, expertise and relationships collected along of Barry's own five-decade-long journey.

*Included in the programs are experiences of countless hours working with individuals whose traditional education has ended but remained in need of significant assistance to optimize transitioning to the next segment of their lives.

What The Fifth Quarter Project offers may not seem at all unique though the depth of contributions may never have been presented under one roof...

However, the individuals who have proven to take the tools and succeed are those who understand:

  • The need to compete and do so the right way;
  • Confidence is important, arrogance is a crutch
  • Visibility is crucial (but only the right sort of visibility)
  • Opportunities are available in abundance to anyone humble enough to be as good as they can be AND be a great teammate


The Fifth Quarter Project’s 2020 Summer Challenge
There is no charge ever to apply to The Fifth Quarter Project Challenge or… To participate in any of its programs, content or assistance




Somewhere back around 2010 or 2011 (by virtue of coaching two of his grandchildren) I had the opportunity to meet, get to know, get mentored by and get inspired by Coach Dale Brown. I remain in email dialogue with him during the year to this day BUT back then he challenged me to write a book. Having never thought before to take on such a challenge or even that I should my reply was:
“Coach...I’ll write a book if you write the Foreword”
Little did I know it would take him a half-second to say “deal’!
The book took me years to write...in fact when I called Coach to ask if he was still willing to keep his promise he asked “Barry...how long ago was that?” My sheepish reply was “five years” but of course, being the man he is the Foreword for How the Truth Will Set You and Your Career Free was written.

I mentioned Coach also “mentored” and inspired me.
He taught me that great players are those that make those around them better.
That comment was in many way the inspiration for The Fifth Quarter Project
My hoop game was basically ordinary...my coaching skills reasonable...being great at something had to come by making others better
I hope if you take anything from this program and it helps your path from where you are to where you want to be more clear and more manageable you pay a special “thanks” to Coach Brown...I alone can’t thank him enough.

Your previous GPA or financial resources are not a barrier to being accepted to The Fifth Quarter Project’s Challenge …
It is, however, a challenge…(competitors only need apply!)
It will place demands on each individual to not only dig deeper into themselves (than quite possibly they have at any other time in their life) but also to have the courage and discipline to stay the course.


    We founded The Fifth Quarter Project to shed light on the the fact that there are numerous, evolutionary ways for people to see, learn and do heartfelt work that makes a difference IN THEIR OWN LIFE...then the lives of others

    We founded The Fifth Quarter Project to make a difference

    We believe that what is offered via The Fifth Quarter Project’s Challenge will provide the TRUE competitor with tools and principles to do the same.