5 Ways You Can Help

As we continue to scale into this deeply needed educational awareness movement we continue to seek…

  1. TALENT: Each of us knows someone who can use a gentle shove or some continuous education in a segment of their life. Do you know someone who’s genuinely motivated to ascend beyond their current perch in life? The motivation part is key of course but… IF YOU’RE RECOMMENDING THEM DO SUGGEST THEY APPLY!!!
    Write to me with any questions please:
    SUBJECT LINE: Talent Recommendation – The Fifth Quarter Project
  2. MENTORS: In order for The Fifth Quarter Project to scale and optimize its mission to assess, educate, and inspire those individuals genuinely interested in optimizing their own potential, we are in constant need of mentors. We all know sustained success is not a one-off endeavor any more than graduating college is all anyone needs to succeed. The Fifth Quarter Project is committed to providing every participant/graduate of its program ongoing mentorship. This relationship could be an hour a week or an hour a month but…it must have regularity for it to succeed as intended. DO YOU HAVE AN HOUR TO DEVOTE TO ANOTHER WHO HAS PROVEN THEIR COMMITMENT TO CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT?
    If interested write to barry@barrykleiman.com
    SUBJECT LINE: Mentorship Interest
  3. DONATIONS: We are proud to partner with Players Philanthropy Fund for all financial governance. Donations received will provide access to technology, content production, administrative support, marketing, and materials during the start-up phase (first two years) of  The Fifth Quarter Project. IF YOU HAVE THE MEANS AND SHARE IN THE VISION we’ve set in place here’ our DONATION LINK: https://give.cornerstone.cc/fifthquarterproject)
  4. TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials will almost always be beneficial to validate the worth of an individual or entity. Though the need being filled by The Fifth Quarter Project is hardly new, its being and agenda is unique. We will continue to seek the recommendations of any familiar with our abilities to structure and deliver the content we offer. Whether or not you’re able to assist in any of the above “asks”, providing a word or two about any experiences you’ve had with me that relate to my abilities to make The Fifth Quarter Project movement a viable and ongoing reality would be so greatly appreciated. Here’s a link to my LinkedIn page.
  5. CONTENT: Quite possibly the biggest of all “ASKS” in our Five Way To Help.

Do you have an area of expertise or a set of experiences, or an industry or something you would be willing to share that may add value to the lives of participants in The Fifth Quarter Project programming?

We’ve been fortunate to have the wisdom of large corporation “C” -level executives with experiences across multiple disciplines, former Division 1 level athletes, highly successful real estate entrepreneurs, critically acclaimed authors, filmmakers and screenwriters, a high profile Hollywood attorney, etc, etc and…

We’d love to add you to our ever-growing “Success Series” content collaborators. The entire premise of The Fifth Quarter Project has its roots in Barry’s “share the ball” mentality…
If you have something to share it’s fair to say you’d have a chance to positively impact many appreciative individuals so…

Please write to Barry
SUBJECT LINE: Content Collaboration Interest