Barry may be the most respected, appreciated, and trusted coach you never heard of…

A quick look through his LinkedIn profile would reveal dozens of people (mid-career professionals as well as younger people) who’ve taken the time to say “thanks” in writing to him for the time they spent together working in pursuit of something greater than their current reality…

This self-described “kid from a Philadelphia playground” came to New York City with a lust to teach and morphed his schooling (Pennsylvania State University Phys. Ed Major) into the world of career transitions for 48 years…gaining respect for authenticity every step of the way.

Too many cold winter nights walking up First Ave. (with cold winter winds blowing off the East River) were the impetus for Barry’s professional and personal relocation to the SF Bay Area during some of the early days of   “Silicon Valley”.

As many testimonials can corroborate Barry also began moving his career focus from moved from purely finding people jobs to helping them find meaningful work…career success AND job search sanity.

and that’s just from “9 to 5” so to speak…

Many evenings during the week and often during the weekends’ Barry can be found teaching (with youthful exuberance) the game of basketball along with its ancillary lessons to youth in local gyms and gyms in other parts of the world.

*Barry has also

  • Authored and published “How the Truth Will Set You and Your Career Free” a well organized and entertaining book on career success and job search sanity
  • Self-funded several webinar-based programs for AmeriCorps and VISTA alumni on the career success process
  • Founded sports programs in schools previously without
  • Coached basketball at small schools as well as large inner-city and suburban high schools
  • Been chosen to represent the United States as Head Coach Jr. Boys Basketball, 19th Maccabiah
  • Received the U.S. Senators Award  for contribution to Bay Area youth
  • Received countless testimonials from individuals spanning multiple industries and demographic segments
  • Been blessed with a wonderful wife, two pretty great kids and two awesome grandchildren