“I’ve known Barry for many years. His coaching in my life has had profound effects and I can honestly say that I owe a great deal of my current business success to his involvement. Aligning with Barry Kleiman is a recommendation I can make wholeheartedly.”

Donna Orender – Founder Generation “W” Former President – WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) 2005 – 2010.

“Barry has been my coach, mentor, and dear friend for 20 years. Outside of my family, no person has had a greater impact on my life. He has exemplified selflessness, shown a deep-rooted care for those in need, and above all is committed to unwavering honesty and helping others find their truth. I became a better player because he was my coach, I am becoming a better coach and athletic director because of his mentorship, most importantly, I am a better father and husband because he is my friend.”

Shaun Burl – Middle School Athletic Director and Head Boys Basketball Coach, Seattle Academy


“I am pleased to give Barry my highest recommendation. His thoughtfulness, experience, insight, knowledge, passion and integrity combine to make him the right choice if you are looking for someone to coach you in any of a wide variety of endeavors including entrepreneurship, marketing, career development to name just a few.”

Ray LeBov – Founder, Basketball Intelligence Newsletter


“I’ve known Barry for more than 15 years. At that time he placed me at CMD. Afterward, we developed a casual friendship solid enough for me to take possession of his prized guitar for a significant period of time. It’s a very nice, somewhat rare guitar…. Anyway, I find Barry to be very direct, honest, wise and capable. You will always get the truth according to Barry. When I recently returned to the US after a 7-year stint in the Philippines. I realized I had no real network, few connections, and no real job prospects. I needed help. I needed a coach to guide me, help keep my focus, build my confidence, and help me reconnect with my long lost connections. Simply stated, Barry was great. Without his help, the process would have been a nightmare of anxiety and doubt. I highly recommend the man. Through this process, I believe we’ve become good friends and I have learned many lessons along the way. No downside at all to this experience.”

Michael Bohn – Senior Finance Executive


Barry worked as an advisor to TBW (bballwriters.com) during our startup and bootstrapping phase, offering sound advice and valuable counsel on a weekly basis. What’s more, he went above and beyond, rolling up his sleeves to help on projects critical to our success even though he was not obligated to. It’s clear that Barry is a man of high principles and much wisdom; his marketing and team-building advice were greatly appreciated by our team throughout.

Joel Cordes – Co- Founder The Basketball Writers


“I have known Barry now for fifty years having met him at sleep away camp as a camp counselor. I owe any of the sports acumen that I have to him and his coaching abilities, and throughout the years he has become a mentor and a very trusted friend, always holding a space for support and listening. He has seen me through my ups and downs both personally and professionally always there with just the right words and advice. Integrity is a word that is bantered about in our world today, oftentimes overused and given where it should never have been given. In the fifty years, I have known Barry he has never wavered from a man with the utmost integrity or as we would say in Brooklyn a “Stand Up Guy”. He is old school in his thinking and actions, holding values of generosity, kindness, love, service and dedication for his family, his friends and his clients. Having experienced his coaching on the court and off I can say how much in a positive way it has changed my life. Whether it’s through his own hard-earned experience in business or life or his continued insights into the world he has the uncanny ability to get right to the source of the problem and pivot to a solution. He is someone I can always count on and have so much gratitude for having him in my life.”

Richard Kantor – Personal Coach


“Not only is Barry incredibly knowledgeable in his field, he’s one of the most authentic & genuine people you’ll come across. His work with helping professional athletes navigate their transitions out of their sport fills a crucial gap in our society and his skill set around this is second to none. Highly recommend getting in touch with him!”

Ella Mae – CEO Ella J. Mae and Associates


“Probably like most who seek the guidance of a coach, I wasn’t satisfied with my own level of performance. Sometimes I haven’t been able to think clearly about which of many paths to take. Barry Kleiman has helped me to figure out which steps to take, in which order. He’s been supportive and encouraging while helping me to unload another pile of head trash. And it’s a work in progress. Barry is not only a teacher of self-leadership, he continues to study, learn and synthesize it into his work. He’s brought his analytical skills from his days as an executive recruiter and combined it with easy to understand communication style to help individuals and small businesses get from where they are to where they want to be. (I for one am at least equally as impressed knowing that he brings those same skills to his volunteer leadership work as a coach of championship teenage teams.) How would I describe Barry? Sincere. Honest. Inspiring. Street smart. Crusty. Unpretentious.”

Danny Stusser – Local marketing expert / President at Pareto-Curve Marketing / Publisher of JOLT – The Journal of Olympia, Lacey & Tumwater / UpRight Cards


“Barry has been a great mentor to me over the last 5 years. I always take a call with Barry because I always learn something new. I wish I could drop some wisdom on him but he’s seen it all and done it all. He’s smart, honest, ethical, direct, caring, innovative, and street smart. To name a few. He’s taught me a ton with how to run a recruiting company, how to coach youth basketball and how to live a better, positive life. He brought me into coaching AAU hoops in Walnut Creek about 5 years ago with SportsStrong, and it’s been a ton of fun. I’ve seen him say things to 16 yr olds and say things to 6 year olds, and they all respond the same way. They slow themselves down which is impossible for a 6 yr old or a teenager. They listen because they know he cares. They learn because they respect Barry. And they win because they overachieve for him. KYP…Know your Personnel. Barry taught me that one. One of hundreds. When I’m down by 5 or 10 points, he’ll walk by, shake a few parent hands and casually drop KYP one on me without anyone knowing. I usually call a timeout a minute later and realize I had only one ball handler in the game. Make sure you know who’s in the game and play to their strengths…not their weaknesses. I use it in business all the time now. People will run through doors for you if you mention 5 positives for every 1 negative. People will leave in a Silicon Valley minute if it’s the inverse. Can’t thank Barry enough for all he’s said and done for me!”

Mark Stevenson – Founder, Champion Recruiting


“I have only known Barry for a relatively short period of time, we met in London a few years back when he brought a USA Maccabi select team to Europe. We met socially but he soon became something of a distant mentor to me in my career. Right from the outset I found Barry to be genuine, a quality unfortunately lacking far too often. Barry was honest, open and questioned my thought processes which allowed me to think differently and develop new perspectives in the way I viewed how I should develop my career. I found his perspective refreshing, insightful and most importantly challenging. He did not shy away from difficult questions which gave me that different perspective I was needing. Many 000s of miles have not dampened my respect, time or energy for Barry and I would recommend him to anyone who is at a cross roads with their career and is looking for an expert, professional & even possibly a friend to help them”

Marc Dinner – Programme Manager, Kaplan


“I have been fortunate to know Barry for more than 15 yrs now. In the beginning of our relationship, Barry provided a wealth of talent to myself and several other Senior Finance folks in our organization. At that time, we had one of the strongest team’s I have ever worked with and Barry was a key asset for any and all of our recruiting needs. When you work with Barry for any length of time, you become more than just business partners. Sure enough, as so many others, I found myself calling Barry for advice on a range of topics. He is such a natural coach and is always available to listen and to share his wisdom often with great stories that make his points clear and lasting. Just recently, I found myself out of work for the first time in almost 20 years. Completely new to the job search process, I reached out to Barry and discovered he was just finishing writing a book on the very subject and offered services to help those new to the search process like myself. After reading the book I decided to engage Barry formally and it was the best decision I ever made. From beginning to end, Barry provided me with a framework to identify the truths about myself and to align those truths to how and where I ultimately wanted to be. He was always available and provided me long-lasting value that I continue using in my everyday life. Whether you are looking for talent that will fit your team or in need of a professional career coach I cannot recommend anyone more impactful then Barry.”

Dave Peters – Vice President of Finance – Global Verticals Business Unit @ Oracle


“Barry is supportive, professional, engaging, inspiring, dedicated, fearless, insightful and relentless in providing unique strategies to help you achieve your career objectives. He has been the “tipping point” in helping me to define, achieve and navigate the “MORE” that I want in my career. I am thankful to Barry for helping me continue to thrive as I transform in my career! 

Barry is passionate about helping others reach their career & life goals. Because he is passionate about his life mission, he has established an exclusive business model that allows him to have a special one-on-one relationship with all of his clients. 

Barry is not a hired gun, he is a partner, friend and coach committed to helping you reach your dreams and making the changes that you want to make.” 

Raquel Daniels – Marketing & Customer Strategist | Storyteller | Multicultural Marketer | Integrator | Marathon Runner 

“I have known Barry for a number of years and have worked with him on numerous projects from recruiting to professional development. In the end, there is no one I trust more than Barry in these two fields. Barry is very insightful and has regularly added value to my organizations. I highly recommend Barry for your professional development and professional recruiting needs.”

Ron LaVelle Partner, Family Office Practice at Seiler LLP

“I’ve had the sincere pleasure of knowing Barry for almost 20 years and have always been impressed by his integrity, wisdom and real gift for connecting with people. He’s given me sage advice that has helped me both personally and professionally. He also single-handedly fixed my backhand in a matter of minutes. Barry just has a knack for honing in on the root cause of an issue and offering up solid resolutions that work.”

Michele Drohan – Senior Partner Manager, Sling TV

“Barry is amazing on so many different levels! He motivates others to aim for their dreams by providing the right framework and steps to realistically get there. As a mentor and career coach, he truly listens, spends a lot of time asking the right questions, and tries to find careers that match what truly is in the best interests of his clients. He has an incredible heart and passion for mentoring young adults especially in his work with AmeriCorps. He is a great tennis player and student of many sports who applies lessons learned there to life in general and to career planning. For someone who is so gifted in so many areas, he is so humble and approachable. I am so fortunate to know Barry and have worked with him”

Michael Wong – Sector Director, Technology – The Career Management Center – Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

“Barry’s extensive knowledge in the areas of professional coaching enables him to be highly effective in facilitating change and improvement for individuals as well as organizations. . I’ve found Barry to be easy to work with, and his engaging teaching style is results-driven. His integrity is of the highest order and one of his finest qualities.”

Kevin Lee – CEO Stat Revenue.

“Passion, honesty, education, and respect are qualities that Barry brings to his coaching, his career and his personal life. If you are looking to change directions or feel there is something better out there for you, contacting Barry is the first place I would start. 

Shaw Kobre – Director of Marketing Charter & Company.

“Barry Kleiman is an incredible person, nothing less. I believe he has the know how to take on any problem and solve it. He has a very special gift to motivate people around him and his work is a demonstration of his intelligence, compassion, and love to help others succeed. He is one of the most positive people I know and positive spreads positive… Thank you for all the great suggestions and assistance.” 

Heidi Merriman – Quality Control, Guest Relations, Accounting and Human Resources Professional.

“Through our many conversations, Barry has proven to be a very honest, motivational, and knowledgeable advisor to work with. He is able to draw on his own experiences, both good and bad, as well as those of others to help you really think about what is important to you when it comes to your career and personal life. Very many people will unintentionally make career choices that are not ideal for them, primarily because they do not realize the importance of making a long term plan that considers all aspects of your life. Ultimately, everyone is responsible for the choices he or she makes, but with Barry’s guidance you will be in a much better position to make the choices that are right for you” 

Glenn E. Hafstad – Director, Financial Planning & Analysis 

” It was my good fortune to be recommended to Barry in 1998 when I was making the transition from public accounting to the corporate accounting world. During a time of dramatic change and “irrational exuberance”, Barry was a voice of wisdom and calm. He helped me understand what was most important to me – both personally and professionally and has continued in that regard ever since. As a result of working with Barry, I found my career passion, realized the power of following your own personal calling, and came to understand the great joy of simply surrounding yourself with good people who share your passion for whatever undertaking you may be following. Barry is first and foremost a tremendous person, who has great perspective about life and a passion for living it. I assure you that getting to know Barry, in whatever capacity that might be – coach, mentor, friend, client – will enrich your life in many, many ways.

Mike Byron – Chief Accounting Officer

“I have known Barry for almost 30 years but it wasn’t until my 20th year of knowing Barry that we clicked and he found me an excellent position with a medical device company. However, it wasn’t the job find that I attribute to Barry but the counseling, honesty, decency, trustworthiness and most importantly, a life-long friendship that I will always cherish most about Barry. If you would like to do business with Barry immediately or sometime in the future you will get more advice, inspiration, insight, dedication and overall professional demeanor than you could ever hope to imagine. I say this honestly and without hesitation, that I consider Barry one of my best contacts on LinkedIn” 

Joe Drinkwater – Field Associate 

“I have relied on Barry’s advice as a business coach and mentor for many years. Barry knows how to discover what is Unique about each person and how to help them Capitalize on that strength. Barry is optimistic, but also practical and realistic about helping you clarify your goals and objectives. Most importantly, Barry will help to keep you preoccupied and focused on a better future. I trust Barry because of his Integrity (He tells the truth and keep his word) his maturity (He respects the emotions of others) and his ability to energize people. Anyone will benefit from knowing and working with Barry” 

Dana Shertz – COO/Sales Strategist 

“Yes, Barry is great but equally important is that you will enjoy working with him. Very quickly, Barry ends up knowing who you are and is generous enough to share his tremendous insight about what you bring to the party as well as opportunity options. Most value-add recruiter, ever. Emotionally intelligent and a wonderful human being.” 

Teresa Conville – Finance Manager 

“I worked with Barry when he offered his services for free for the AmeriCorps Alums Professional Development Series. Barry is an excellent coach! He is personable, knowledgeable and motivating. While he was volunteering his expertise to the AmeriCorps Alums, you could tell he truly cared for our future and wanted to help each of us produce results. Having experienced Barry’s methods and techniques, I would definitely recommend hiring Barry” 

Angelina Moya – Manager, Strategy and Support, Chicago Public Schools

“Barry took me on as a client in 1985, when I was looking for a job in tax. I had been out of the tax field for 6 years, pursuing a restaurant business. He showed confidence in my abilities to get back into the technical area of taxation. And he ultimately placed me in a perfect position. It accelerated my career in the tax field and I will always be thankful for his assistance.” 

Denise Banachowski – Competent Authority APMA Project Leader 

I’ve worked with Barry on a number of fronts, including recruiter and advisor. He has unparalleled integrity and insight. These attributes are invaluable, particularly in these times. I highly recommend Barry to anyone who needs help in finding people and who need career advice. He is straightforward, honest, and helpful. He will make the time for you. And, you can trust him. 

Philip P. Moody – Chief Financial Officer at PaxVax, Inc.

“Out of love for his family, his community, and the game of basketball, Barry founded a youth basketball team that I played for. He not only created the team from nothing but was able to make it wildly successful. In Mighty Ducks-like fashion, he transformed a group of disorganized students who at first couldn’t win a game into division champions in just two years. His mentorship allowed each individual to improve to their fullest talents, but he was also very successful at ingraining the idea that the success of the pack mattered most (we were, after all, the Timberwolves). 

His leadership skills were acute. Every individual understood their role on the team. Every individual understood that hard work would be required to succeed, and every individual trusted that he knew how to get us there. He was honest always, and encouraging without fail. It was a pleasure knowing him then and it has been a pleasure over the past 15 years getting to know him better” 

Raphael Rosen – President at Carbon Lighthouse 


“Like the many people who have been helped by Barry, I feel fortunate to know him and recommend his services without reservations.”

Robert D. Haas – Chairman of the Board, Emeritus – Levi Strauss & Co.

 “Communication is the key to all relationships. Barry Kleiman is a true communicator who has the ability to teach, lead, and direct groups or individuals towards a common goal, all in a very professional and pleasing manner. His experience as a coach and a mentor to young athletes is a gift for all to share. I consider Barry a friend and colleague and have the highest regard for his abilities. His “love of the game” is not just about basketball. I believe the game for Barry is life.” 

Bob Trapp – President at American Health & Safety Training, Inc. 

“Recently, I was fortunate enough to be coached by Barry in an arena in which I had no familiarity. While applying for my first job, Barry provided me with invaluable insight to help guide me through the process. His knowledge of the interview process proved to be instrumental in my efforts. While working with Barry I felt best prepared to showcase all that I have to offer while highlighting the needs of the organization for which I was applying. Learning from Barry gave me the comfort and confidence that I needed to put my best foot forward.”

Theo Robertson – Golden State Warriors, Player Development Coach

Barry has had a tremendous impact on my work ethic, way of thinking and motivation. The time I have had the privilege to spend with him had,, by far, the most efficient and positive influence of discussions with other mentors. If the pounds were the time spent, time spent with Barry is pound for pound the most fruitful and powerful motivation session in the world! 

Henri Landes – Lecturer, Author and Consultant on Sustainability 

” Barry is an inspiration. He has the ability to motivate through conversation and has the ability to provide guidance based on individual needs. Barry is direct, honest and energetic. He has a passion for each individual he comes into contact with and truly wants each person to be successful and happy. He has the unique ability to provide just the right amount of advice and he is a living example of everything he teaches. A true inspiration! “

Edward Willett – Vice President, Sponsorship and Topgolf Media

” Barry has been an invaluable resource in my career development. He has helped me first to assess what it is I truly want in my career, then to determine my personal value proposition and how to best position myself to achieve results. Barry draws upon a deep well of experience and his interpersonal style is highly engaging. I unreservedly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves at a career crossroads or wants to get more out of their professional life.  “

Andrew Braswell

Barry was one of my basketball coaches during high school. Healways stressed the importance of hard work, being a good teammate, and attention to detail. Even though we have not been in the gym together for years, I still look to him as a trusted advisor. I would recommend Barry as a leader for any team. 

Ryan Peterson – Student, Cal Poly University

When I first talked with Barry it felt like I had known him for years. His ability to engage with other people is one of a kind. Not only is he experienced, but he has the ability to illustrate the art of making connections with other professionals. He is a great mentor who is more concerned with making you better, rather than telling what you want to hear. In the short time I have known Barry, he has provided me with great insight which will benefit me throughout my career. 

Ryan Palsha – Banking – Private Equity/Venture Capital 


Barry is an inspiration to the students he coaches and to everyone around him. He has a drive to succeed but at the same time keeps high morals and values and never loses hope.

Amy Hessler – Sr. Manager IP Paralegals – Genetech


Barry came to present at the Bay Area Community Resources Vista team meeting in April 2012. Of course, many of us are aspiring young professionals and have been proactive in ascertaining careers after our year of service. Barry, however, offered unique tips about WIN statements and regarding LinkedIn accounts. His professional testimony about “truth” was reflected when he personally reached out to me to help me build my network. I hope to have opportunities to continue to work with Barry because he acts with the integrity of his words.

Christina Moore – Attorney, US Department of Veterans Affairs


I met Barry at a direct marketing workshop in Chicago, he told me his story and how he had helped many people make the right decisions regarding their careers. Although I met him briefly, I was impressed by the passion he has for what he does, both as a professional career and basketball coach.

Javier Brin – Marketing Program Manager – Invicta Stores


Without any reservation, I recommend the original Jobologist Barry Kleiman and his truth-searching website: ( http://www.jobologist.com/ ). There is no doubt that Barry is a leader (he is a players’ coach, but he is also a coach who can show you how you should approach your own professional life). Barry asks the right questions, and he asks the logical, challenging, and introspective questions that you must dig deep to answer for yourself. It is one of the ways he helps to get you to your next level. His proven methods have derived praise and testimonial from well-regarded individuals, and his art is steeped in process, patience, knowledge, and efficacy. As a “jobologist”, he is a pro, and, as a coach, he clearly excels: http://www.jweekly.com/includes/print/65806/article/coach-of-east-bay-squad-draws-big-2013-assignment

J. Randy Gordon – DYnamic Marketing Consultant/Business Development Executive


I have known Barry for about 7 years, as an outstanding basketball coach a great volunteer in the community and now as my personal career counselor/coach and good friend. Recently, I have worked with Barry during a difficult transition from a long time employer to a new position. Barry’s guidance has been invaluable both personally and financially. I would recommend Barry to anyone who is considering redefining their career path, creating a truthful vision…articulating that vision and providing that honest vision as a “win-win” tool while negotiating terms with a new employer for their future.

Nahum (Jerald) Goldberg – NG Associates Foodservice Consultants Inc


Barry is a quick take – he has fantastic vision – he’s a compassionate and a well respected colleague – his follow-up is exemplary, and those who appreciate what he does make for a long list.

Gary Weiner – President of Linda Noack Weiner, Sarcoma-Oma Foundation


Barry has been an excellent leader and mentor as long as I’ve known him, about 14 years now. He is skilled at developing people at any stage and bringing out their best qualities. I have been very blessed to have him as a mentor and have come to him with career challenges and life challenges and he always has either great advice, a solution, or the right person in his network to help. I have only positive things to say about Barry, or “Coach” as I know him. I am confident that we will continue our friendship and business relationships for years to come because of these reasons.

Mika Cohen – Providing technology solutions to manage the flow of information


Barry has not only been a great friend to me over the many years I’ve known him, but also an incredible mentor. He has helped me immensely in everything from coaching basketball to choosing the appropriate career path. When I’ve had doubts about any important decision (whether personal or career-related), Barry has always come through with great advice. I know that Barry and I will continue to work together and learn from each other for years and years to come. I really owe him for helping me find my “truth.” 

Benji Walklet – Owner at Serch and Perch LLC


Barry has assisted us in identifying and developing business and personal priorities. His energy, knowledge and dedication to service are unmatched.

Patrick Leaper – Sales Agent and Co-Founder – Red Oak Realty, Berkeley, CA


Barry is one of the most down to earth guys I know. Incredibly practical with a wonderful sense of humor, you know where Barry stands at all times. I love sitting down with this guy and just picking his brain just to see where the conversation is going to go. It’s always a lively, interesting, and learning discussion with Barry. Now, if we could just get his forehand to relax a bit, he’d be unstoppable. With my highest recommendation,

Brent Abel – Owner Webtennis.com and Brand Partner, Purium Health Products


Barry is a tremendous resource for anyone looking for guidance in their preparation for a job interview. His emphasis on portraying yourself honestly helps build fundamental confidence in the abilities and skills you bring to the table. He also worked with me on strategies to demonstrate big picture knowledge of the position I was interviewing for, and how to present myself in a way that was most impactful and memorable to the interviewer (without resorting to cheap tricks or stretching the truth). With his help, I felt confident, prepared, and excited for my interview. Thank you Barry! 

Lou Riordan – Innovation Specialist, F’inn


Barry leverages his considerable experience as both a recruiter and career coach to provide a well-rounded perspective to his career development clients. Tailoring his strategic and tactical services to the specific needs of a client, he covers any or all aspects of the process: from development of career objectives to the creation of the personal brand, messaging and resume. Barry makes this complex process efficient, productive, rewarding, even enjoyable. He drives to the desired result in a warm and engaging manner. I was extremely impressed by his passion for helping his clients achieve their career goals. It shows in the results. It’s a real pleasure to recommend Barry to anyone who is interested in career development or is in the midst of a career transition

Eric Ornas – Sr. Vice President, Customer Support and Operations at SugarCRM, Inc


I have known Barry since the first year I moved to the Bay Area in 1985. Barry was responsible for connecting me with Raychem Corporation where I stayed for 11 years. Over the past 30+ years I have used Barry’s services in both hiring qualified candidates and for finding positions for myself. Barry has the most unique and personal approach to recruiting that I have found in my long career. When looking for a job Barry is more of a coach than a recruiter and has taken the time to get to know me and my strengths and weaknesses. With this approach I have always felt than when sent to an interview by Barry, I am already a good match for the hiring company. Likewise when I need to find a good candidate to hire I know Barry will be sending me the perfect match. Barry’s approach is unique in that it is a coaching first and finding a job second mentality. He will make sure that if you are thinking of making a move to a new position, that you are really ready and will openly discuss the pros and cons of a career change. Barry will guide you through a thought process that forces you to define where you are and what you are doing at any point in your career. He will not send you on an interview until you have thought things through. With Barry’s approach I am always confident when I go on an interview and have been able to successfully obtain an offer nearly 100% of the time. And since Barry does such a comprehensive prescreening and coaching of incoming candidates, I am very confident that anyone I am interviewing is a great match for my open position. I would highly recommend Barry. His integrity, experience, and knowledge of the Bay Area companies are unsurpassed.

Michael Ford – Accounting/Finance Controller


I’ve worked with Barry on various projects for well over 10 years. I’ve had the opportunity, at various inflection points in my career, to consult with Barry as he has helped guide me toward logical outcomes. He is a great sounding board, and trusted advisor for both professional and personal issues

Bruce Kirske – Director, IT Strategic Sourcing, Albertsons Companies



A friend and former client introduced me to Barry in November 2008. I have met and heard from a number of recruiters, career consultants and motivational speakers. But Barry encapsulates the best as the most effective “coach”! Barry through his “story telling and no nonsense approach” was able to actually get me to do some soul searching and find out ” What is Important Now (W.I.N)”. His love for coaching and straightforward honest approach makes Barry an excellent recruiter.

Daniel Kaypaghian – Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley


I met Barry Kleiman back in October at the Jay Abraham Power Partnering summit. After spending 3 intense days at the event and having numerous meets with Barry I can tell you that he is a man of passion and substance. A solid straight up guy who will call it as it is without hesitation, a rare quality in todays society. I look forward to seeing Barry achieve all he has set out to and wish him the very best. All the best Barry, Cheers Adam Toohey

Adam Toohey


Barry coached my son on a Maccabi Games basketball team. Barry did a great job developing individual and team skills, earned the respect of the players (and parents), was well organized and passionate about his role. Barry has also mentored me as a basketball coach and I have become a better person, coach, and parent as a result.

Richard Gross – Vice President Wealth Management, Shore Wealth Management