(Barry’s shortened but accurate version…a link to the full version is below!)

An African farm owner heard tales over and over about other farmers making fortunes discovering diamond mines. This farmer so desperately wanted to find the sort of wealth diamonds could bring made a rushed decision to sell his property AND…

For the rest of his life went off all over the African continent in a futile search of the diamonds (wealth) he craved.


Meanwhile, back on the sold farm…

The new owner was crossing a creek on his new property one day and found his eyes grabbed by a flash of brilliant light from the bottom of the creek bed. Fast forward…as it turns out the creek of his newly purchased home was embedded with diamonds…acres of diamonds. 

This turned out to be one of the most prolific acreages of diamonds ever in Africa!!!

YOU can probably now figure out where this is going…

“Farmer A” essentially gave away or didn’t take the time to recognize, study and appreciate what he had under his nose…his wildest dreams would have come true simply by looking

!!!Again…this is not my story! Conwell traveled the world the hard way just to tell it…hoping to convince others “everything is connected”.  DON’T BE “FARMER A”!


Only the prophets see the obvious

-Nelson Rodriguez