Winning The Fifth Quarter

Lesson #3

Winning The Fifth Quarter’s Introduction Part 3 reminds us of the power of “one day at a time” – Rome wasn’t built in a day” Change is not easy…it takes a competitive spirit, a blend of patience, persistence and belief.

(As it will be with a number of things in the Winning The Fifth Quarter program) you’ve heard this before.
The questions become
1. If you’ve heard of them are you doing them?
2. If you’re doing them…are you doing them well?
3. If you’re doing them well…are you doing them consistently well?

No preaching here…simple questions for us all to answer. (I’m no different than you…I’ve got my own roads to ride…what’s being shared in this course is a structure to think through our navigation)

In this instance I’m promoting the power of tiny. Training our brains for wins…regardless how small will train our brains for wins…like Winning The Fifth Quarter.

Grab your note book…jot down one thing you’re committed to change…it can be anything at all…then think about and write down the next thing you can do to begin the change…you’re on your way! Start…RISE and GRIND! You’ve got this!


“Celebrating small wins gives them something to repattern our life around.” -BJ Fogg

Daymond John was no exception…you don’t get to have seat on Shark Tank without those things. in his own words… “Rise and grind”…in those three words I find tremendous power—the power to do anything, to get past anything, to become anything. They remind me that the choice of whether to succeed—or not—is all mine. – Daymond John

You’ve heard all of these “rah-rah” things before right? There will be many other things along your Winning The Fifth Quarter journey you’ve heard before as well including the importance of taking action…Rising and Grinding.

I’d imagine you’d agree, having a Fifth Quarter is a gift! These videos containing wisdom and encouragement from GIANTS like Daymond can help you make the most of it.

The question asked on this video and essentially all of the others is… What do YOU want to happen?

Take your gift and run with it…my hope is somewhere this entire Winning The Fifth Quarter course you’ll find the answer to that questions and pathways to make it happen