Winning The Fifth Quarter

Lesson #4 Winning The Fifth Quarter Foundational Piece Wisdom from Jay Z

Shawn Carter, popularly known as Jay -Z is the next GIANT referenced for you Winning The Fifth Quarter journey.

As mentioned previously this entire program is built upon the wisdom of people I call GIANTS! People who’s accomplishments stand in testament to their massive achievements for themselves and for many, many others.
Simply paying attention to and learning from their own respective journey provides us all with PhD level knowledge…if we’re willing to

“Rise and grind” (Daymond John)
Not worry about seeing “the whole staircase just the first step” (Dr. King)
Think big but always “celebrate small wins” (BJ Fogg)
AND believe Jay-Z when he explains his belief in us all.

It’s true…there’s work involved Winning The Fifth Quarter!
Would you work any harder if Daymond, Dr. King, BJ Fogg or Jay-Z came up to you in person to share this exact same knowledge?

Well…many of us will never have that chance but it sure seems the next best thing is to take action on their beliefs.
Finding your “genius” is foundational to your Winning…we’ll never find what we don’t believe exists!
Trust yourself…trust Jay-Z…you got this!